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If you are a UK resident you can use the details below to order your item and to make an immediate payment using your credit or debit card. REMEMBER - It's always cheaper to collect from us at the stall than for us to post to you.

Choose your product
After you have decided to purchase an item please send an email to and let us know which product you wish to purchase. We can either send it via post or you can meet us at our next event and we will have it reserved for you. Payment can be made to reserve it at the PayPal link below.

Payment using PayPal
If it is to be posted then check the item cost using
the Price Guide, which shows product costs if collecting
from the stall and the product with the delivery charge
if you want it posted to you.

Then simply click on the PayPal link below to make your
payment including the description and code so we know
what has been paid for.
Click here to download the full catalogue of products.
Tel: 07788 127258   Email:
Click on logo above to go to Paypal to make the payment. Payments will show up as 'Hot Jerry Products'
Product Catalogue 2018
Price Guide
Tel: 07788 127258